Rachael Pille-Hui 


Rachael was one of the first students of K-nine Coaching Oklahoma. She has been an amazing student which is no surprise as she is a school teacher here in the Tulsa area.

She is currently working with her dog Marsh. He quickly earned his Tricks title and is in training for Rally and Obedience.  

Amanda & Chrome, ASCA RN

Amanda &

Planet Light Up The Stars RN, RL1 AOE, RL1X,


a.k.a Cassie

  I am currently looking for trainers to teach the following classes:





Tealcrest Dancing in Circles RLP AOE,


‚Äča.k.a. Faith

Amanda Clawson

As Shelley's daughter Amanda was born into dog training. During her early years she was sometimes found in an ex-pen sleeping with the dogs while Shelley taught classes. Amanda brought home her first dog at 9, a Toy Poodle named Dreamer. Amanda and Dreamer were quite a competitive team in many 4H shows. When Amanda was just 10 she and Dreamer earned an AKC Rally Novice Leg and an ASCA CD Leg. Amanda and Dreamer have many more titles to earn. 

At 15 Amanda began assisting at K-nine Coaching. During that same year she started training a Dalmatian named Cassie. Together Amanda and Cassie have earned  their AKC Rally Novice with 2 firsts and a second place and World Cyno RL1X, RL2 & ARCH titles with many placements and 2 Awards of Excellence! 

 Dec. 2014 Faith and Amanda earned their WCR RLP title. They finished their title                                                         with a perfect score. Feb 2015 Amanda and Faith earned their Therapy Certification and their CGC. June 6, 2015 Amanda finished an ASCA RN on an Australian Shepherd named Chrome owned by Diane Sobel-Meyer. Chrome and Amanda earned their title with 2 first placments and one third place. Amanda's achievements show she is following in her mother's footsteps by titling multiple both typical and non-typical performance breeds.  

In August of 2015 Amanda headed off to Black Hawk college to join their Horse Judging and Horse show teams. Amanda earned her Associates degree and graduated with Summa Cum Laude. She then traveled to Kansas to go to K-State to pursue her career as a Veterinarian. She earned her Bachelors Degree graduating Magna Cum Laude. She is now part of the K-State Veterinary program and I look forward to having a Vet in the family! At this time Amanda only stops in during her breaks.

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