The Achievements for 2009-2011

Kansas and Roxanne 12/17/2011 Puppy S.T.A.R.S.

Shelley and Ace
04/30/2011 ~ Puppy Championship 2nd Place
01/30/2011 ~ 1st Place
01/09/2011 ~ 1st Place
01/09/2011 ~ 2nd Place
01/08/2011 ~ Puppy Title with Achievment Award 1st Place
01/08/2011 ~ 1st Place
​11/05/2010 ~ ADPT Bella Vista Dog Show Puppy Level 1st Place

Shelley and Pinecrest Vanilla Bean
aka "Holly"
12/11/2010 ~ Finished RL1 Title, bumped up to B Class to earn a perfect score of 210
11/07/2010 ~ AKC Black Mountain Kennel Club 4th Place and a New Advanced Title
11/05/2010 ~ ADPT Bella Vista Dog Show Level One 1st Place
​11/052010 ~ ADPT Bella Vista Dog Show Level One 2nd Place

Shelley and Indy
​01/15/2012 ~ Life's Ruff Level 1 first place APDT
05/01/2011 ~ Veterans 2nd Place

​Rigby and Beverly
11/13/2011 ~ Rigby earned his Therapy Certification
one week after his first birthday!
He is now training to compete in Rally
​and for his Beginner Novice title.

Jen Pryor and Redwing Holiday Barron Charlie Brown

​RE, RL1, CGC A.K.A. 
12/11/2010 ~ Charlie finished his RL1 title with 2 perfect scores and 2 ~ 1st´s
11/07/2010 ~ AKC Black Mountain Kennel Club Rally Excellent 1st Place
11/05/2010 ~ APDT Bella Vista Show Level One 1st Place
09/05/2010 ~ Rally Advanced Morris Hills Dog Club 96 1st and Title
07/25/2010 ~ Rally Advanced Doberman Pinscher Club 1st
03/06/2010 ~ Rally Advanced Maryland Sporting Dog Assoc. 97 2nd
11/01/2009 ~ Rally Novice Back Mt Kennel Club 99 1st & Title
08/31/2009 ~ Rally Novice Schooleys Mt Kennel Club 95
08/30/2009 ~ Rally Novice Morris Hills Dog Club 97 1st

Dina Beers and her Collie Shadow Bear
CGC, RN - A.K.A.
12/11/2010 ~ Kim earned her first 2 scores toward RL1 and earned a 4th place
11/07/2010 ~ AKC Black Mountain Kennel Club Second Rally Advanced Leg
11/01/2009 ~ Kim earns Rally Novice Title
02/15/2008 ~ Kim earns CGC

Amanda Clawson with Dreamer and Alice Pryor with Suzie winning at the New Jersey State 4-H Dog show

Up and coming Star "Lucy"
aka Red Oak Lucy Van Pelt
11/19/2010 ~ APDT Puppy Level 1st Place
11/19/2010 ~ AKC Puppy Star

This dog is Redrock
Simply A Mason RN aka "Mason".
He earned his Rally Novice title in one 4 day weekend.
4 shows all 4 were FIRST PLACE!

Princess Caroline aka "Caroline" 
is Dina Beers' new rising Star!
11/19/2010 ~ AKC Puppy Star

​Ann and Friday
2011 Congratulations on your new RA
2010 Completed Rally Novice Title with a 1st and a Perfect Score
​2010 Earned Rally Novice Title with a 2nd and 3rd

Daisy is an English Mastiff owned and loved by the Vaz family. She was making her family crazy, biting and jumping on them. In just a short time Daisy´s manners improved enough to earn a roll in the Young Performers Workshop version of Camelot. A play put on by Centenary Stage Company. This photo of Daisy on stage was taken on her first birthday.

Jen Pryor and Charlie Brown with Dina Beers and Kim

Patrick Pryor doing 4-H Obedience with his dog Charlie.

Amanda Clawson and Pinecrest Daydream CGC A.K.A. "Dreamer"

​​Brass is a high energy Aussie. His goals in life are just to be a good boy and to not knock down his mom.

Deb and her service dog Casey. Casey helps his mom in many ways and is also in training for a Rally title.

"Where Dogs Learn Manners"




Charlie and Kim

Dreamer and Suzy


Shadow Bear aka "Kim"






Ace - 5 months old