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Congratulations to Rachael and Marsh for being the first title holder in the Oklahoma school!


Rachael & Marsh (All American) Novice Tricks Dec 9, 2019


Tricks Intermediate

Rachael & Marsh (All American) July 18th

Therapy Dog Certification

Judy & Sox (Heeler) June 15th

Tara & Memphis (All American) June 15th


Mary & Shultz (German Shepherd) March 7th


Tarah & Memphis (All American) Jan 18

Tammy & Lily (All American) Jan 18th

​Mary & Shultz (German Shepherd) March 7th

Becky & Athena (German Shepherd) July 18th

Margaret & Zeke (Doodle) July 18th

Megan & Mila (Great Dane) July 18th

STAR Puppy

​Aracelis & Grey (Husky) Jan 25th

Becky & Heidi (German Shepherd) March 7th

​Vickie & Jake March 7th

Margaret & Zeke (Doodle) July 18th

Camryn & Baker (Mini Aussie) July 30th

​Briley & Nellie (All American) July 30th