"Where Dogs Learn Manners"

Treibball 1

Treibball is a sport that is sometimes called "Urban Herding". Dogs learn how to move balls in a similar fashion to the way herding dogs move sheep. It is a wonderful class if you are looking for something fun to do with your dog. This class will introduce you and your dog to the foundation of Treibball and teach your dog to start moving the balls. This is a positive class meant for fun but for those who would like to go on to compete we will be preparing you to go on and collect ribbons! Shelley is an approved trainer for the American Treibball Association. $150

Training Info

All classes are 6 weeks long. All Puppy and Training Level classes will take time to discuss common issues such as barking, counter surfing, and using their mouth in an appropriate manner. Our Competition students are prepared to compete in many registries.  

Our classes are unique because we have Olde Lafayette Village just outside our front door. 

This gives us the opportunity to train and socialize in real life situations not just a class room.  

Weather permitting we train both inside and out. We often take the dogs through the Village for